Furniture Styles From 18th Century To Modern


There is a lot of variety in styles over time when it comes to furniture. The furniture of the 18th century was very different from that of the 19th century, which was different from 20th century. And 21st century? Well, there are still more changes yet to come!

18th Century

  • Furniture was heavy, bulky and made of solid wood.
  • Mahogany was the most common type of wood used for furniture in this period.
  • Oak and walnut were also popular materials for making furniture during this time period.

19th Century

19th century furniture is characterized by its use of iron, cast iron and wrought iron. These materials were used as a response to the Industrial Revolution which made it possible to mass produce these products in large quantities. The Industrial Revolution led people to have more money and resources available than ever before, so they could afford furniture made from these materials.

20th Century

The 20th century is known for its modern designs. The ‘Bauhaus’ style, which was popular in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s, is an example of a design that began in this period. Another popular 20th century design was Mid-century Modernism–it was inspired by industrial materials such as metal pipes and glass bricks and featured clean lines with little ornamentation.

21st Century

  • Modern furniture is less ornate and more simple.
  • Modern furniture is often made of new materials like plastic, metal and wood.
  • Modern furniture is often designed to be as functional as possible. This means that it’s made with clean lines and no unnecessary details that would get in the way of its purpose (for example, a chair shouldn’t have any fancy carvings or curlicues). It should also look good on its own without having to be paired with other pieces of furniture–a coffee table should be able to stand alone just fine by itself!
  • The goal of modern design is to make everything as comfortable as possible for people who use it; this requires finding ways around traditional design constraints like how much space there is available for an object within your home or apartment building.”

There is a lot of variety in styles over time when it comes to furniture.

There is a lot of variety in styles over time when it comes to furniture. Each style has its own unique characteristics, and you can learn about the history of furniture by looking at the different styles. You can use the different styles to decorate your home, especially if you want to make it look like something from another time period or country.

The 18th century was notable for its use of Rococo and Baroque elements in design, which had an influence on many other styles throughout Europe at this time. During this period, there was also a lot of interest in Chinese porcelain; this led people to create furniture pieces that resembled Chinese designs such as lacquer work or blue-and-white porcelain pieces with dragons painted on them


The history of furniture is a long and interesting one. It’s great to see how styles have changed over time and what influences different eras have had on each other. We hope this article has helped you better understand some of these trends!